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In the modern way of life, Ayurvedic treatments especially the Panchakarma Treatments are very effective not only to patients but also to the hard working professionals of various fields of day to day activities.

For the effectiveness in the treatments as predicted in Ayurveda Sastras, the easy availability of Treatment Equipments re also necessary and it should get on affordable prices also to the common man. So we decided to start a separate making and supply of traditional Treatment equipments like wooden Dhara Pathy(Dhroni) with wooden stand, wooden steam bath system and Dhara stand etc:- to the needed public.

About us

Ayurveda Panchakarma equipments is the leading supplier of Ayurvedic Therapy Equipments like Dhronis(massage beds), Phizhichil systems, Dhara stands and vessels, Steam Bath Systems, equipments for panchakarma like Vamanam, Virechanam, Vasti, Swedanam etc:- Our Research & Development team works with the aim of improving the existing systems as well as develop new equipments & products that improve the efficiency of therapieswhile reducing the skilled manpower and increasing the accuracy of therapy procedures.

Supplies have been provided to Ayurvedic Centres/Practices in Pondichery, Madrass, Goa, Bombay,Andhra Pradesh, Delhi and Abroad.


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